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The latest surveys show that 1 in 6 people in the past week will have experienced a common mental health issue. And we’re not just talking about severe mental health conditions such as bi-polar disorder or psychosis. It can be a fear, phobia or anxiety problem that needs treatment, otherwise life can be a debilitating experience. 

But how do we address the huge demand for professional, ethical and properly trained therapists to provide the help that is so badly needed? Many people turn to private hypnotherapy practices to receive the assistance they so desperately need. But in the UK, hypnotherapists don’t have to have any specific training by law. Which means hypnotherapy can be offered by anyone with little – or no – training. This is a dangerous situation, especially when dealing with the mind.

At the NACHP, we want to see professional, ethical and properly trained therapists who can provide the kind of help that the public needs. But we cannot do this alone. At present, we rely only on the fees our professional therapist members receive for their annual accreditation. We have no offices, and no full-time staff. Most of the work is done by volunteers, who dedicate many hours of their time to keep the NACHP going in order to maintain practice standards.

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