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The demand for mental health and psychological services has grown dramatically over the past few years.

But with this increased need has come an even greater requirement for the general public to feel confident about the training and accreditation of therapists.

With so many different organisations claiming to represent the various therapeutic approaches, little wonder that people have become confused about who to contact and what therapy approach is best for their needs. And who is qualified to offer such therapy.

A matter of trust, not a numbers game

We’ve been around for nearly 30 years. That’s longer than most of the other therapy organisations.

And as a charity, we have clear objectives: to educate the public and ensure the highest standards of clinical practice.

Unlike many other organisations whose main focus is on increasing membership numbers, our overall goal is to ensure that our NACHP Accredited Clinical Psychotherapists meet – and exceed – the levels of competence, professionalism and experience the general public need when dealing with mental health problems.

A certificate that means a great deal to you – and your clients

When you become an NACHP Accredited Clinical Psychotherapist, you display your certificate with pride. It’s a visible assurance to your clients that you have met our standards in your therapeutic field by:

  • Having – and maintaining– high standards of training and practice. (In the case of hypnotherapy, these levels are approved and monitored by CNHC, set up by the government to protect the public by providing a UK register of complementary health practitioners, including hypnotherapists.)
  • Adhering to a full Code of Ethics.
  • Abiding by a set of clearly defined complaints and disciplinary procedures.

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If you apply for NACHP Accredited Membership for 2023-2024 and you are successful in your application, your Membership Fee is just £40 – way below many other membership organisations. This also includes further discounts when joining before or after our annual Membership Renewal month. Students pay nothing until their course is complete.

Apply for NACHP Membership
Accreditation today.

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